2017 World Fair Trade Day In Nepal

The second Saturday of May is World Fair Trade Day. The member organizations and producers’ associations of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) from all around the world join to celebrate this auspicious day.
World Fair Trade Day was designated at WFTO conference held in 2001 to develop fair trade as a world-wide movement for solving trade injustice and imbalance of power in supply chains that every fair trader of the world―from groups of producers to fair trade organizations and consumers―is able to take part in.
1. Campaign banner : 2017 World Fair Trade Day (Source : WFTO website)
 Due to the local elections in Nepal, the event this year i.e. 2017 was celebrated on 6th of May, a week in advance. It was held in the area of beautiful Bhaktapur Durbar Square , one of the three old kingdoms of Kathmandu valley, hosted by Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG Nepal).
The ceremony went through with bicycle and walk parade running 13km which started from Triureshwor Stadium Gate and ended at Datatraya Square. For the finale people were hand in hand making human chains and said it loud: “World Fair Trade Day!”
2. Parade of fair trade supporters walking through streets in Baktapur palace
Just to think about how many people in various countries could relate to fair trade and join the campaign made the opposite side of the world felt close. Therefore I wanted to share this experience with you hoping we meet on the next Fair Trade Day wherever you are.

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